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My Videos

Brad & Phil’s Information R/evolution

Brad & Phil finally make their YouTube debut in a great discussion of Dr Michael Wesch’s Information R/evolution video. This is a video you really have to concentrate on. 


Family Snapshot

A Garry’s Mod video of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Family Snapshot’. A very powerful set of imagery for a very evocative song. Watch and listen carefully.


1. Mr Allison - February 9, 2007

You have created an impressive site. How do you create your comics?
From the little I’ve seen of your site, I am amazed at the extent of your content and, as your computing teacher, a bit in awe of your talent.
Would you be interested in giving a demonstration of your work to the class?
Mr Allison

2. Andrew - February 25, 2007

Remember kiddies, if your parents fight, your going to become a serial killer and kill world leaders from Book Depositorys

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