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Brad & Phil

 Brad & Phil #24Brad & Phil

Brad & Phil were first introduced in “The Staplix“, a take off of The Matrix where a complicated fight scene involves Staplers as weapons. The accidental destruction at the end gave me the idea for the “Brad & Phil’s Extreme Office Games” Series – a six part extravaganza of office mayhem and hilarity. This series was rated 5 stars at both PHWonline and Facepunch Studios by hundreds of readers. Brad & Phil will be back soon.

After the success of the first series of Brad & Phil, I began work on Mrs Hernandez.

Mrs Hernandez made her debut in “Brad & Phil’s Extreme Office Games: Final Jeopardy“. She is a Contract Cleaning Machine who loves to see a tidy office and wants to keep it that way. She only had 3 issues but they were a big hit over at PHWonline.

Since Brad & Phil got fired from the office, they have had to find something else to fill their time. After I got the new Brad & Phil skins thankfully made by the w00t, I started work on the new Brad & Phil Series, Brad & Phil – Happydevil. This series follows Phil through his “tranformation” into Happydevil.

Set straight after the end of Brad & Phil – Happydevil, Brad & Phil Series 3, brings up new adventures as Brad & Phil try to make new Comic Situations for Happydevil, the comic writer. Hilarity ensues as the two once again try to find Phil’s “true identity”.

Brad & Phil on Parallel Divergence

Brad and Phil also appear exclusively in a series of cartoons relating to each post on the Parallel Divergence blog, adding their unique spin to each issue being discussed. Below are all of the Brad & Phil single cartoons together in one place, from newest to oldest, together with a brief introduction to each article.

30. “Clickers” or “Virtual Clickers”

K-12 Schools have an option before spending big bucks on hand-held clickers [view article]

29. Australia’s Digital Education Revolution?

Are more computers all that’s needed to bring education into the 21st Century? [view article]

Brad & Phil #29

28. Games With A Purpose

Teaching the Machine has never been so much fun! [view article]

Brad & Phil #28

27. Still Interested in a Class Blog?

This is part three of the Class Blogging series [view article]

Brad & Phil #27

26. Getting Started with Class Blogs

It’s not that hard, but you have to do it right! [view article]

Brad & Phil #26

25. Why Teachers and Schools Should be Blogging

Are schools losing their students by not moving into the 21st Century? [view article]

Brad & Phil #25

24. Microsoft Vista Overtakes Apple OSX in Only Eight Months

A somewhat contentious article depicting one set of numbers highlighting the breakdown of market share between these two rivals [view article]

Brad & Phil #24

23. How “Spirit” Killed God…

A new tribute to the late Carl Sagan and his eye-opening “Pale Blue Dot” concept. Worth pondering. [view article]

Brad & Phil #23

22. Unique and Complex Passwords for Everything

A lot of people are risking a lot when they choose a simple, guessable password and use it for everything [view article]

Brad & Phil #22

21. The Private Lives of Google Street View

Google’s at it again – innovating way too fast for legislation to keep up. Take a look at Google Street View  [view article]

Brad & Phile #21

20. Creation Museum Madness… 

As the new Creation Museum prepares for its grand opening take a sneak peek.  [view article]

Brad & Phil #20

19. The Best Fool is an April Fool!

As a special April Fools’ Day post, I decided to share one of the funnier pranks I played. [view article]

Brad & Phil #19

18. Swing with Me…Please?

Voting in democratic elections does not mean always voting for the same party. [view article]

Brad & Phil #18

17. OLPC: The Revolution Begins?

The ball is finally rolling on the One Laptop Per Child project. But where will it roll? [view article]

Brad & Phil #17 

16. Forget your Day-Job. Become a Psychic! 

The paranormal market is getting bigger! Get some of the action. [view article]

Brad & Phil #16 

15. Watch out Firefox – Here Comes Maxthon!

A great alternative browser well worth looking into [view article]

Brad & Phil #15

14. How Saddam Killed the Death Penalty…

All about why we need to seriously rethink Capital Punishment [view article]

Brad & Phil #14

13. 7 New Year’s Resolutions for your Brain

Here’s a list of seven things you can do (in order) to increase your intelligence and understanding of the world. [view article]

Brad & Phil #13

12. How Google Earth Killed Santa…

This is one of the most popular articles at this site – one all parents should read. [view article]

Brad # Phil #12

11. The Hajj is Peaceful, but is Islam?

A useful insight into the Islamic religion and the festival of Hajj. If you don’t know about this, have a look. [view article]

Brad & Phil #11

10. iPods Reinforce the Throwaway Society

Sounds like the music industry has joined the ranks of other disposable items. [view article]

Brad & Phil #10

9. Why are we Dumbing-Down our Future?

There is no question. Our children are being dumbed-down. But can anyone say why? [view article]

Bard & Phil #9

8. How Hubble Killed God…

This is the most controversial and most popular article at the site. A MUST read. [view article]

Brad & Phil #8

7. Which is Stronger, Manfluence or Godfluence?

The sister article to “How Hubble Killed God” – another MUST read. [view article]

Brad & Phil #7

6. The Trouble with Web 2.0

The new, interactive web is great – but it’s not problem-free. Educate yourself about it. [view article]

Brad & Phil #6

5. Children of Men

A review of a very powerful movie well worth seeing. [view article]

Brad & Phil #5

4. Will P.C. Destroy the World?

Discusses the dangers of Political Correctness and offers a hope for salvation. [view article]

Brad & Phil #4

3. Mac vs Windows – Yet Another Parallel Divergence

All about those “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads. Are they working? [view article]

Brad & Phil #3

2. Things Change

How and why this little blog hopes to change the world. [view article]

Brad & Phil #2

1. Brad & Phil: Parallel Divergence

Introducing Brad & Phil to the world, and to Parallel Divergence. Who the hell are they? [view article]

Brad & Phil #1


– Ben Hasic


1. Top Secret! DET Too Tender? | Sliced Bread - January 21, 2009

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