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Brand New Movie Trailer December 31, 2006

Posted by Ben Hasic in Happydevil Quickies.

As a change I thought I’d have a go at a parody of a well known movie trailer.  To see the original, click here.

Brand New Movie Trailer

Comments are always appreciated.


1. paralleldivergence - July 16, 2007

Love it! There are so many classic parts to this comic. Well done.

2. Rijjka - July 19, 2007

Erm… Not how to say this, but as a point of fact. Mormon missionaries always travel in pairs of two. Being a member of the church, I should know.

Other then that, intresting little comic there. I did not expect your twist to that at all. 🙂

3. Happydevil - July 20, 2007

No offence was intended of course. Just a spoof on Telemarketers and Door-Knockers in general. Thanks Rijjka.

4. Rijjka - July 24, 2007

And no offence was taken, for the most part I enojy your work. Keep it up man!

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